Lighting Control

With almost thirty years of experience designing, installing, and programming lighting control systems, Pro Smart home offers a wealth of knowledge and provides intuitive, discreet, and non-intrusive solutions for your home or commercial space. Lighting impacts your entire living or work area. It can transform the room and the mood, provide comfort, and a sense of security. Being able to control your lighting, whether simply turning them on or off, or dimming them to a certain level, automatically or manually, whether in the room or from somewhere else in or outside your home, is completely within the realm of possibilities.

Lighting is so clearly important that Pro Smart home will only provide top quality products so that they will provide many years of worry-free performance for you and your family. Whether you are planning a new-build or renovating, or you simply want to add to your existing home’s lighting capabilities, Pro Smart home has options for your needs.

Examples of how lighting control can provide you with value and peace of mind:
Example #1: While driving up to your home after dark, the driveway lights can be programmed to turn on automatically, the garage door to open automatically, the pathway lights to turn on as well as specific lights inside your home. No more fumbling for the garage door opener or walking up a darkened pathway and into a dark home, and no having to leave lights on when they’re not being used.
Example #2: You’re leaving your home and you want to make sure the lights are all out, except perhaps certain lights: We program one button and engrave it “Goodbye” (or any word you choose). Any lights you don’t want on will turn off, and those that you do will turn on, and only within a certain time parameter (so if it’s daytime, the lights will not turn on until a certain pre-set time). When you’re away for an extended period; for added security, you may choose the “away” button which programs various lights to turn on and off automatically, based on your typical use. As well, the push of that button can, at the same time, enable your security system. A similar function can be set up upon retiring for the evening.
Example #3: You may want to set the lighting in the room for a particular event. Instead of having to re-adjust manually every time, Pro Smart home can program settings to set the mood the way you like, for each specific event, pressing one button and it all happens – automatically.
Example #4: You awaken in the night and want to leave your bedroom safely without disturbing your partner. Subdued lighting can be set to turn on by your simply getting out of bed or by the press of one button at your bedside, providing a path to the next room or beyond.
Obviously, there are a myriad of examples of how lighting and other control can be implemented to improve your lifestyle. Our years of experience have taught us what features are typically important, and how to capture and create the right scenes and ambiance. Lighting control, done well, will no doubt transform your spaces, significantly enhancing the look and enjoyment of your environment.